The Benefits of Professional Duct Sealing

October 13th, 2014 by David Roussel

Many homeowners who schedule air conditioning or heating repair are surprised to learn that the problem is actually within the ducts. The ductwork involved with forced-air heating and cooling systems is responsible for 20-30% of air lost in a typical home. Scheduling duct sealing in Vinings with duct specialists, like those at South Air Inc., is the best way to ensure that your ducts are working properly, and that you don’t spend too much on heating or cooling with a system that performs inadequately.

What Professional Duct Sealing Can Do for You

Professional duct sealing includes a thorough inspection of the ducts and an evaluation of the supply and return airflow. A technician reconnects any damaged ducts and straightens any tangled ductwork if you happen to have the flexible sort. Finally, the ducts are sealed and may be checked for further problems that could lead to energy loss. Here are some benefits to you:

  • Better Performance from your HVAC System: With duct leaks, you simply won’t get the performance you need from your HVAC system, even if you have the most efficient unit on the market. If you have a professional seal the ducts, you may notice a much more comfortable living space.
  • More Efficient Heating and Cooling: Your HVAC system suffers as a result of poorly sealed ducts. As air leaks through holes in the ducts, your AC or heater must work harder and run for a longer time to attempt to get your home to the desired temperature. This means that you’re paying extra to cool an unoccupied space, such as a crawlspace, without the performance you would otherwise expect from such a high cost.
  • Better Indoor Air Quality: Finally, indoor air quality may improve as a result of duct cleaning. Leaky ducts may allow pollutants to enter through from some of the dirtiest areas of your home.

It may be difficult to tell whether you need duct sealing services, so you may choose to schedule inspection to ensure your particular issue is a result of poorly sealed ducts. In general, however, you can tell your home may be in need of professional services if you notice hot or cold spots around the home, an increase in your bills, or rooms that just never seem comfortable enough.

For comprehensive duct sealing services in Vinings, call the residential ductwork experts at South Air Inc. today!

The Importance of Electric Furnace Maintenance in Sandy Springs

October 6th, 2014 by David Roussel

An electric furnace possesses a number of advantages over traditional gas and wood burning furnaces. Fire hazards are reduced, due to the elimination of combustion as a method for heat. Toxic combustion gases are also eliminated. Just like any system, however, your electric furnace will need regular maintenance to function properly. Let’s take a look at some of the important maintenance areas in your furnace.

Air Filters

Just like all forced air systems, the air filter is necessary to ensure that your heating coil is protected from dust and debris. If the air filter becomes too dirty, it will be unable to protect your heating coil, causing it to lose heating efficiency. Your air filter should be cleaned or replaced at least once a month. Technically, you could do this yourself. Just to be safe, though, call a professional if you don’t know what you’re doing.


The thermostat controls the entire heating system, and if it malfunctions, it can easily prevent the furnace from working properly. Make sure that the temperature is set properly, and that the heat is turned on. If everything is set correctly, but the furnace is acting strangely, call a professional right away.

Power Supply

Unlike other furnaces, you don’t need to worry about a pilot light going out or burners getting dirty. You do, however, still need to make sure that your furnace is receiving enough power. If your furnace doesn’t seem to be supplying enough heat, the unit could be having power supply issues. If the furnace doesn’t turn on at all, the breaker circuit might have been tripped. If that isn’t the case, have a professional examine the power lines to find the problem.

Though an electric furnace has many differences from other heating systems, it also shares some of the same maintenance issues. Remember, regardless of your heating system, have it checked at least once a year.

If you need your electric furnace checked for maintenance issues, call South Air Inc. Our technicians are experts in electric furnace maintenance.

Is a Geothermal System Effective for Heating?

September 29th, 2014 by David Roussel

Geothermal systems are ingenious devices: using the Earth’s natural, steady temperature, a geothermal system can both heat and cool your home. Not only that, but the systems are incredibly durable and have much longer lifespans than most other systems. The best way to determine whether or not geothermal heating in Kennesaw is a good choice for you is to work with professionals who have experience installing, maintaining and repairing geothermal systems. For over a decade, South Air Inc., has been installing geothermal systems, and we bring this experience and expertise to every job we do.

How Does a Geothermal System Work?

A geothermal system uses a ground loop made of durable, flexible piping to collect the heat from the steady temperature of the ground. An antifreeze solution in the ground loop transfers the heat to the heat pump, where it is concentrated and then sent into your home as warm air.

The ground serves as an endless supply of energy for your heating. As such, geothermal systems are very effective for heating your home.

Benefits of a Geothermal System

There are several benefits of installing a geothermal system:

  • Very energy efficient – geothermal systems are the most energy efficient systems currently available. While the highest-rated gas heating systems have efficiency ratings of 98%, geothermal ratings achieve efficiency ranging from 400-600%.
  • Save on fuel expenses – geothermal systems do not use any fossil fuels whatsoever; all that is needed is a small amount of electricity for the heat pump, so you can save on fossil fuel costs.
  • Long lifespan – as we mentioned above, geothermal systems have quite a long lifespan. The ground loop can last up to 50 years, and heat pumps have an average lifespan of 20-25 years. In comparison, the average furnace or boiler has a lifespan of 15-20 years.
  • Very comfortable heating – the heating provided by the geothermal system is fed into your home at a continuous, low rate, which makes the heating even and comfortable.

Geothermal systems can be great for your home, your wallet and the environment, but installation should only be performed by trained experts.

If geothermal heating in Kennesaw sounds like it’s right for you, call South Air Inc., and schedule an appointment with one of our geothermal experts today.

Furnace Question from Atlanta: Why Change Your Furnace Filter

September 22nd, 2014 by David Roussel

Your furnace works hard for you during the colder months, so it’s important to keep it maintained throughout the season. And one of the simplest things you can do to ensure the proper operation and efficiency of your furnace is changing the filter every month. Furnaces need filters in order to keep debris from harming the inside of the unit and to keep some pollutants out of the air in your home. Here are some of the reasons you should change your filter regularly.

Better Efficiency

Replacing the furnace filter helps increase the efficiency of your furnace. As the filter becomes lodged with dirt and debris, the furnace must work harder to attempt to suck air into the unit. This means that furnaces with clogged filters use a lot more energy to run, costing you more every month.

Indoor Air Quality

Today’s filters provide protection against many pollutants that may enter your home. As the filter becomes too dirty, particles may escape into the ducts, causing dust to enter your home. Plus, the filter will not be able to effectively trap the dust already in your air, which means more pollutants in the air. Poor indoor air quality can cause respiratory problems in many people, and a clean furnace filter is one way to prevent this.

Fewer Repair Needs

When your system works harder to suck in air, it’s not only the efficiency that suffers. With a dirty filter, you may not feel as much warm air as you’d like, and you may need to call for furnace repair. Since the fan has to compensate for the lack of air, the motor may wear out and need replacement early on.

Although many technicians and manufacturers recommend monthly replacement, this number may depend on how often the unit is used and the quality of your air. If you have multiple pets, for example, you may need to replace your filter more often. While changing the filter can ward off many problems, there may still come a day when you have to call a technician for repairs.

To schedule maintenance or repairs for your furnace in Atlanta or the surrounding areas, contact the heating experts at South Air Inc. today!

Is Geothermal Cooling the Right Choice for My Home?

September 15th, 2014 by David Roussel

Our customers are occasionally surprised to discover that geothermal power can be used to keep a house cool. Because the term geothermal connects with heat in people’s minds, it seems strange for them to think that geothermal power could provide cooling. However, a geothermal heat pump is just as effective at cooling a home as heating it.

Geothermal systems work similar to other heat pumps: they move heat from one place and put it in another. In heating mode, they take heat from outside and put it inside. In cooling mode, the process reverses, and they remove heat from inside a home and put it outside. The difference with a geothermal system is that the “outside” is underground. Loops carrying refrigerant deposit the heat taken from indoors and place it in the ground approximately 6–10 feet below the frost line, where the temperature remains stable.

Not every home has the right conditions for a geothermal heat pump to work. To find out if geothermal cooling in Sandy Springs, FL will keep your home comfortable and energy efficient, contact our specialists at South Air Inc. today and schedule an appointment.

When geothermal is the right choice

The technology of geothermal energy continues to advance, making it more widely available for homes. To work effectively, a geothermal heat pump must have sufficient ground space for the loops that carry the refrigerant (a solution of water and antifreeze) and the right soil conditions to allow the refrigerant in the loops to deposit heat from inside the home.

Loops can be laid in either a horizontal or vertical configuration. The horizontal configuration is more efficient and only needs to be placed about 6 feet down into the ground. However, this layout takes up more space than vertical loops, which go down into deep drilled holes. Vertical loops are helpful for smaller properties, or in situations where the loops must reach deeper to access the stable temperatures that make geothermal cooling so efficient.

If you live near a body of water such as a lake or river, you have the option for a water-source heat pump, which operates the same as a geothermal cooling system except that the coils go through the water. An air conditioning technician will determine which system will deliver you the best comfort while fitting in with your budget plans.

You may believe that your home isn’t ideal for geothermal cooling, but you might be surprised to find out the truth. Contact South Air Inc., and we will send out a geothermal technician to look over your property and determine the best way to air condition your home.

Trust our expert installers to handle the work so you can start enjoying this dependable and energy-efficient way to achieve year-round comfort.

How Professionals Perform Duct Cleaning in Towne Lake

September 8th, 2014 by David Roussel

Your ductwork is the delivery system for the cool air that makes your home comfortable. If the ductwork isn’t clean, neither is your indoor air. One of the best ways to keep your ducts clean is with a professional duct cleaning in Towne Lake. South Air, Inc., has been improving the comfort of customer living spaces since 2003, and we can help you make your ducts clean and healthy.

Who Should Schedule Duct Cleaning?

The short answer is: everyone should schedule duct cleaning every 3-5 years. But there are factors that may make it important to schedule a cleaning sooner, or with more frequency:

  • Smokers in your home
  • Pets that shed high amounts of hair and dander
  • Prior water damage to the home or HVAC system
  • Pest infestation (animal or insect)
  • Home occupants with allergies or asthma
  • Recent home renovations or remodeling
  • If you’ve just moved into a new home

What Happens During a Duct Cleaning?

Here is a general overview of what to expect during a routine duct cleaning appointment:

  • The technician covers all nearby furniture and carpets with protective coverings
  • The technician opens your ductwork at access points and portals and thoroughly inspects your entire system
  • He/she uses professional-grade, HEPA vacuums to remove the dirt, dust and debris from your ductwork; he/she may also use truck-mounted vacuums
  • If needed, he/she may use a mechanical brush and vacuum to scrape off and remove any sticking debris in your ducts
  • Visual equipment, such as cameras and periscopes, may be used to inspect for any missed areas or lingering debris
  • Once the technician confirms all debris has been removed from the vents, he/she closes the system

What Are the Benefits of Scheduling Duct Cleaning?

  • Better energy efficiency – when dust and dirt build-up in your ductwork, airflow can become strained. Whenever your system is strained, it uses more power to operate, decreasing its energy efficiency.
  • Improved air quality – contaminants lingering in your ductwork can be easily deposited into your home each time your AC cycles, particularly if the build-up is significant. This can reduce the quality of air in your home and cause potential health issues.
  • Less stress on your system – the strain caused by excessive dust and dirt build-up in your ductwork forces your air conditioner to work harder. This can prematurely age the system, and lead to potential malfunction and breakdown.

Professional duct cleaning in Towne Lake can offer you better comfort in your home, better health, and a better operation from your air conditioner.

Call South Air, Inc., today and schedule a duct cleaning appointment with one of our trained and certified professionals.

The Fashion of Wearing White and Labor Day

September 1st, 2014 by David Roussel

You may have heard about the fashion faux pas of wearing white after Labor Day. In the present, this tradition is usually treated as old fashioned and a joke. Few people will criticize you for wearing white articles of clothing after the first Monday in September, or even take notice of it except to wonder why it was ever a major concern at all.

Where did this tradition of white clothing going out of fashion after Labor Day come from, and why did it fade away like colorful fabric washed in a hot load in the washing machine?

In general, white makes sense for the heat of summer. Light-colored clothing reflects away the radiant heat of the sun, instead of absorbing it the way dark colors do, so for thousands of years of human history people have preferred to wear white clothing during the hotter months.

However, the idea of white as strictly fashionable during the summer season only emerged in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries—the time when the very concept of “fashion” began to spread across the Western Hemisphere.

It was only the highest level of post-Civil War society in the U.S. that strict and often bizarre rules for fashion controlled whether someone was in with the “in” crowd. Compared to our ideas of what’s fashionable today, the Czars of Style in the 1880s were true despots. Things as trivial as sleeve length could determine whether a woman in high society—no matter her level of wealth—was fashionable or a pariah.

Wearing white during the only summer, when it was common for weddings and outdoor parties, was only of these restrictive society rules. When the U.S. government made Labor Day a federal holiday in 1894, the Fashion Czars gained a definite cut-off point for when wearing white was no longer “acceptable” in the upper echelons of wealthy society.

For many decades, this rule only applied to a small number of millionaire socialites in a few big cities, but in the 1950s it reached general fashion magazines that were read around the country and started to affect more people.

But time eventually broke apart this odd rule, and during the 1970s fashion became more individual. Some fashion legends, like Coco Chanel, also purposely rejected the restriction and wore white throughout the year. Today, the “no white after Labor Day rule” is little more than an amusing gag to tease friends, and almost nobody takes it seriously.

Whatever you choose to wear after Labor Day (and if it’s white, we won’t tease!), everyone here at South Air Inc. hopes you have a happy end of the summer and great plans for the fall!

Benefits of a Home Energy Management System

August 25th, 2014 by David Roussel

If you have made efforts to conserve energy use in your home, and yet still find the results frustrating, then perhaps you should consider moving to the next level of technology: a complete home energy management system. These advanced computerized systems allow you to integrate the different energy-using appliances in your home, such as the electrical system and the HVAC system, and track and control their use of power to find superior ways to save energy. This doesn’t involve installing a large, cumbersome new device in your house: an energy management system works through your computers, tablets, and smart phones—which means you can help your house save energy from halfway across the world, anywhere you have satellite reception or access to Wi-Fi!

At South Air Inc., we are proud to offer one of the leading management systems: The Nexia™ Home Intelligence System from Trane.

Call us today to learn more details about specific home comfort energy management products that we have to offer in Atlanta, GA.

What is the Nexia™ Home Intelligence System?

With Trane’s Nexia™ Home Intelligence System, you can take the next leap in managing home energy use and maximizing comfort through automation.

The Nexia™ System uses Z-Wave, the next generation in wireless technology. Z-Wave allows virtually any electronic device in a home to connect to the central control of the Nexia™ System through low-power radio waves. This means that you can have control over almost any component in your house… through something as small as a cell phone!

Here are some of the ways that the Nexia™ Home Intelligence System can benefit you:

  • Complete control over your home’s thermostat so that it never needs to run unnecessarily.
  • Schedule when lights turn on and off—any of the lights in your home.
  • Alerts for when the temperature rises too high or drops too low.
  • Reminders to change your furnace filters and to schedule maintenance for your HVAC system.
  • Create a “vacation mode” that will automatically adjust your home’s temperature and lighting while you are away for maximum energy conservation. (It will also lock the doors and arm sensors.)

And remember, you can do all this from your smart phone, laptop, or tablet. Managing your home’s energy use is as basic as pulling up the easy-to-use apps for the Nexia™ that monitor all parts of your home.

Although the Nexia™ Home Intelligence System is simple to learn and use, it requires skilled technicians to install it. If home comfort energy management in Atlanta, GA sounds like the perfect choice for your house, call up our licensed installers at South Air Inc. We will make sure that you get the most possible out of your new Nexia™ System.

How UV Germicidal Lights Help Your Indoor Air Quality

August 18th, 2014 by David Roussel

There are a number of good whole-home air cleaners, but one challenge they face is truly removing biological contaminants. Air filters can trap some biological particles, but not all due to the small size of the particles. This is where UV germicidal lights in Woodstock can help with the improvement of your indoor air quality: UV germicidal lights are capable of destroying and eradicating biological contaminants, which is one of the reasons South Air, Inc., offers UV lights to its customers.

For over 10 years, South Air, Inc., has been helping Woodstock customers achieve the indoor air quality they’ve wanted, and we can do the same for you.

How Do UV Germicidal Lights Work?

UV germicidal lights have long been used in places like hospitals to eradicate biological contaminants. The way UV germicidal lights work is by employing the use of UV-C rays. UV-C rays create radiation that kills the DNA of biological cells as well as life-sustaining proteins cells need to survive. This not only destroys the cell itself, but also stops a cell from replicating so that further growth cannot occur. UV germicidal lights are over 99% effective in destroying biological contaminants.

How Is UV Lighting Beneficial to Your Air Conditioner?

Biological contaminants like mold, mildew and fungi thrive in places that are cool, wet and moist – which could describe several places within your air conditioning system, like the coils and vents. By placing UV lighting over places like evaporator coils and inside ductwork, you can halt the growth and proliferation of biological contaminants in these areas.

Will UV Lighting Also Filter?

UV lighting does not filter the air, so particles like dust and pollen will not be filtered by UV lighting. Additionally, UV lighting does not attract particles; instead, particles have to pass under the light to be destroyed.

What Is the Best Way To Use UV Lighting?

To maximize on what UV lighting can offer, it’s best to pair it with an air filtration system. This provides a 1-2 punch for particles in your air, allowing you to capture contaminants like pollen, dust and pet dander, as well as to destroy biological particles.

Want to know more about how UV germicidal lights in Woodstock can help you and your home? Call South Air, Inc., today and schedule an appointment with one of our specialists.

3 Myths about Air Conditioning

August 11th, 2014 by David Roussel

If there is any month during the year that makes you think of installing air conditioning in Acworth, it’s August. Unfortunately, there are a lot of misconceptions about whole-home air conditioning that can stop homeowners from installing systems that could keep them cool, dry and comfortable all summer long. Are you one of these homeowners? If so, South Air, Inc., would like to share some information that may make you reconsider those myths.

Myth #1 – Ductwork Is Necessary

Lack of ductwork is no longer a problem when it comes to installing a whole-home AC, thanks to ductless air conditioning. Ductless systems use individual indoor blowers to deliver cool air. Blowers can be mounted to walls and ceilings, are programmable, and offer the same level of cooling as a ducted system. The outdoor unit, which houses the compressor and condenser, connects to the blowers through an exterior wall. A single outdoor unit can support up to 4 blowers.

Myth #2 – It’s Only Useful During Summer

Cooling may only be useful during summer, but when you install a ductless or a geothermal system that uses a heat pump you are getting both cooling and heating with one device. Heat pumps utilize a reversing valve, which makes it very easy to switch between heating and cooling. This versatility may be something to consider, particularly if you have an aging furnace.

Myth #3 – Central AC Isn’t Affordable

Not only are today’s air conditioners up to 60% more efficient than models from just 10 years ago, a whole-home air conditioning system is more efficient than separate window units. If you are concerned about cooling only well-used areas of your home, consider options like ductless air conditioning or zone control. Today’s air conditioners offer a wide range of control and energy efficiency that make them very affordable.

Ready for a New AC?

There’s a lot of misinformation about installing whole-home air conditioners, and a lot of it can be confusing.

If you’ve been thinking about an air conditioning system in Acworth may be for you, but you still have questions, work with a professional. Call South Air, Inc., today.