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Atlanta Air Conditioning Efficiency Tips

When the temperature goes up, you need a good air conditioning system for your home in Atlanta. However, energy prices always seem to be going up and homeowners are always looking for ways to reduce energy usage. At South Air Heating & Cooling we provide complete air conditioning services in Atlanta. We all want to be comfortable in our homes but we want our AC units to work as efficiently as possible. At South Air Heating & Cooling, we thought it would help if we put together some great ways that you can potentially reduce the amount of energy that you use to cool your home.

Duct Repair and Duct Sealing

When you turn on your air conditioning system all that cool air moves through your home using the ductwork in your home. Over time, your ducts can start to form cracks from old age, insects or some other reason. Those holes can allow that cool air to leak outside which is obviously wasteful. Getting your ducts sealed or repaired by a professional contractor can seal up those holes and cracks which will allow you to keep more of that cool air inside your home.

Regular Air Conditioning Maintenance in Atlanta

Perhaps the best way to improve the efficiency of your air conditioning system is to schedule annual maintenance with a professional contractor. With time your air conditioning system can develop small problems or issues that could make it work harder. Those issues can reduce the efficiency of your air conditioning system. During regular maintenance visits your AC technician will thoroughly inspect and clean every component of your AC system. They will be able to find those small problems and fix them so that your air conditioning system can work efficiently.

Ductless Mini Split System

If you’re interested in reducing the energy that you use to cool your homes, replacing your old AC system with a ductless mini split system is a great option. If your air conditioning system is old and needs repairs often, replacing it with a new one is a great way to improve the efficiency in your home.

If you any air conditioning maintenance or repairs in Atlanta, then call the experts at South Air.

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