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Atlanta Air Conditioning Repair Question: Why Is My AC Making Noise?

Your Atlanta air conditioning system receives a lot of use and abuse during the heat and humidity of the summer, especially the outdoor unit, which works hard to dissipate heat despite the already scorching climate. In this post, we’d like to review some of the strange sounds and their possible causes so that you can take care of any issues in your cooling system before the summer starts in earnest. For comprehensive Atlanta air conditioning repair services, call South Air Heating & Cooling today!

  • Hissing: A hissing sound coming from your AC unit is often an indication of leaking refrigerant. Your refrigerant goes through both liquid and gas phases during its cycle between the outdoor and indoor units. It’s imperative that you have the correct level of refrigerant at all times, because low refrigerant can lead to high energy bills, inadequate cooling, and even damage to certain components if not fixed.
  • Banging: Unfortunately, banging often indicates serious mechanical or physical damage to your AC unit. If you hear it in your outdoor unit, there could be various causes, but one of the most critical is internal damage to your compressor. Because many of today’s compressors are sealed to sustain adequate lubrication as well as to prevent the accumulation of dust, it may need to be replaced. Alternatively, your indoor blower motor may have become damaged.
  • Rattling: A rattling sound can be difficult to distinguish from banging, from it often means that one of the panels securing your AC unit’s housing has become loosened, and is now vibrating, as a result. While this is not often serious, it can lead to airflow issues.
  • Buzzing: If you hear a strong buzzing noise from your AC unit, it might indicate a serious electrical issue known as “arcing.”

If you’re concerned about your AC system and the sound its making, then turn it off and get in touch with your local AC technician. For professional Atlanta air conditioning repair services, call South Air Heating & Cooling today! 

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