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Atlanta Heating FAQ: Why Should I Install A Furnace Instead of a Heat Pump?

Some people with older homes in Atlanta who heat their home with a furnace think that upgrading to a ductless system or heat pump will be most beneficial. However, this all depends.

Rather than switching to a new system, consider upgrading your furnace to a high-efficiency model, or having a South Air technician retrofit your furnace with a zone control system. Call us any time if you want a technician to assess your furnace to check its efficiency and performance levels.

There are a few suggestions that one of our experienced technicians could have for you that are less expensive than switching to a completely different system. For instance, you may just have airflow issues due to poor duct design, or ductwork that was improperly installed.

While it may be suggested that you get new ductwork, you may only need partial replacements, or there could be another air balancing issue.

In addition, remember to consider all your options. Sometimes, it is actually more cost-effective to install two separate systems, especially if you own a smaller home. Retrofitting your current system with dampers and separate thermostats to create zone control is another option.

Your best bet is to call South Air Heating & Cooling for all your Atlanta heating installation needs!

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