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If we can’t save you $200+/year, we’ll give you
$500 cash. Average savings: $660/year.

The test shows how energy efficient your house is. The top 3 things that affect it are insulation, ducts, and AC and heating systems. We do three main tests. We go through everything with a thermal imaging camera, run a “duct blaster” test, and perform a house-wide “blower door” test.

These tests will give clear measurements on how energy efficient your house is—and what would make you save the most money.


Here’s what we’ll check:

  • Duct leaks: It’s common for the ducts to leak 200-400 basketballs worth of air every minute. Those leaks also mean the system blows dirty air into your house (if you often have sniffles or a headache, poor air quality might be the reason).

  • Attic insulation leaks: It’s usually hard to notice if the attic insulation isn’t doing its job. But even seemingly small leaks can cost a lot. Those leaks can also let toxins into the air.

  • Other leaks: The blower door test simulates a 35-45 mph wind on all sides of your house. It reveals every leak. Maybe the doors need weather stripping or windows need caulking. Maybe the electrical outlets let air in, which sounds funny, but it’s a surprisingly expensive issue. Or maybe lights and fixtures let attic air through.

  • Wall insulation condition and efficiency: If your house’s insulation isn’t in good condition, you pay a lot for it every year. The tests show if the insulation is doing its job or not.

  • A/C and heating system setup and efficiency: Your A/C and heating likely create a large portion of your utility bills. An inefficient air conditioner or heater—or even a high-end system that isn’t setup correctly—can double your utility bills.

Once we’ve tested everything, we’ll make sure everything is turned back on and cleaned, so you won’t even notice we did the test.

You’ll see the results—all images, numbers, and measurements—so you know where the problems are. Or if there’s nothing to fix, the test will show that, and we’ll hand you the $500.

How will you save an average of $660/year?

If something needs to be fixed, we’ll give you a few options to choose from. Maybe you just want to fix the worst offenders—maybe you want everything fixed. We’ll answer any questions you have.

Once you choose the right option for you, we’ll schedule a time for the work. In most cases, we’ll be done within a week.
After the fixes are ready, we’ll repeat the tests to make sure everything is in perfect condition and to see just how much of a difference the improvements made.

What if the fixes don’t save at least $200/year?

If the difference isn’t worth at least $200/year, which has never happened, we’ll pay you the $500 for your time.

We’ll also put back any A/C and heating systems that we changed. Insulation etc. will, of course, stay in your walls. But we won’t charge you for that either.

You’ll save at least $200/year. But that’s not all you get.

Here are just a few more benefits you can get while fixing the problems that increase your utility bills:
  • Fresh air in every room—always. That’s what your A/C system should do, so it’s surprising how often people need to open a door or window because of lack of fresh air.

  • The right temperature in every room. When you set the thermostat to 70 degrees, that’s the temperature in every corner of your house—every day.

  • No more humidity, dampness, or dry air. Even if it’s a hot, damp summer day or the coldest, driest night of the winter, your house will stay comfortable.

  • No more outside noise. It may take a week or two to get used to the silence.

  • No more pollutants, mold, or dust mites. We can’t remove these 100%, but reducing them 99% can have a huge impact on your family’s (especially children’s) health.

You have two options:

1. Decide to likely waste $600-$1200/year on electricity.

2. Ask us to check if you could save money—FREE.

If you choose the latter, all you need to do is fill the form (or call us at 678.721.6992). We’ll then answer all your questions and schedule a time for the test.

REMEMBER: Asking us to check how much you can save is FREE and doesn’t mean you commit to anything. And if we can’t save you at least $200/year, we’ll give you $500 for your time.

What people say about the test

My power bill was over $400 for one month!! … [after your help] a $230 drop in our power bill and almost $2000 rebate from our power provider…

– Misti Elrod

What a difference you all have made in both the comfort of our home, and the energy bills. …you went to work to get us rebate check for becoming so energy efficient.

– Laurel Fleming

I can now sleep comfortably upstairs and the $100 a month electrical savings from the new system is also a big deal.

– Ken Smith


Energy Savings Test
AVERAGE Savings: $660/year

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Energy Savings Test

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